Thursday, February 22

Title Winners

2022 – Phoenix and Lucky

Phoenix (he/him) identifies as a queer, polyamorous primal predator, Master, Daddy, Protector and Sadist. Since joining the kink and BDSM lifestyle in 2016, Phoenix has had a passion for breaking the mold of dynamic boxes and is constantly working to help others affirm their truest selves, as the D/ of the TXPE title. 

lucky (they/she), identifies as a queer, ambiamorous, hedonistic energy sexual. Her passions are for Community and service in all forms. She has a deep affection for primal, dark age and pup play and knows how to have a bloody good time.

2021 – Doctor Bubbles and KitKat Ann

Doctor Bubbles and KitKat Ann work to be good ambassadors of positive BDSM and functional power exchange dynamics. Both attended the Mentorship Programs in Dallas and Austin, and believe that introspection and self-awareness are key to being better members of their community. In all things, they seek to uphold their house values of Honor, Respect, Trust, Growth, and Balance.

They went on to compete in the International Power Exchange Contest at Beyond Leather in 2022 and won!