Thursday, February 22

Judges and Staff

More coming soon for 2023!


echo – Head Judge

echo (she/they) is a pansexual Leatherwoman, and right hand to her Master, Beast. Born and raised in Southwest England, echo moved to the U.S. in 2014 and met her Master and wife shortly after. They now live together with their three kids, dog, and sugar gliders in beautiful Colorado where echo can usually be found on the porch crocheting. 

echo considers her time representing the M/s community from State to International slave to be some of the best experiences of her life. As a result, she has become a passionate supporter of the Title system to encourage others to discover a Title journey of their own.

A fierce advocate for personal growth and knowledge in behavior, mindset/relationship skills, and sociocultural theory, echo uses her professional skills to connect with those she meets.


Bleu immersed himself in the leather and kink community in 2003, He played a pivotal role as a founding member of the Lone Star Boys of Leather, as well as being a founding member of the Texas Puppy Club. Furthermore, Bleu took on the esteemed position as a head of the House of 3 Bears and has devoted a decade to the Sisterhood of Perpetual Indulgence. Presently, he holds the prestigious title of reigning Slut of the Run for the Fire Dancers Dallas. Amidst his busy schedule, Bleu finds solace in mentoring and nurturing those within the community, cherishing every moment, and savoring the tranquility of long walks, especially those leading to the back of the pickle park.

He is the Proud Daddy to his Boy J Baby, and his devoted pup Nikko!

Charlie Doll

Meet CharlieDoll (he/it). Since 2017, Charlie has been an active member of the Salt Lake City Leather community and proudly holds the title of Rocky Mountain Person of Leather for 2022-2024. Identifying as a leatherboi/girl slave, Charlie is a sex worker with a diverse range of interests, from being a Bimbo to enjoying age play, to being a pony, and being a sadomasochistic switch. One of Charlie’s passions is fostering inclusive spaces and facilitating important conversations, even if they’re a bit challenging. Charlie founded Bimbos of Utah, designed the Bimbo +variants pride flag as well as the genderqueer boys and girls of Leather Pride flag +variants, and runs Utah Leaf and Leather. He’s also affiliated with groups like PLAID, Utah Ageplay Scouts troup 136. and the BDSM Educational Center. If you’re curious, check out the Utah Doll House – a Leather space and Dungeon that He owns and operates. With the hashtag #HornyForHelping, Charlie often steps into the role of a sex and BDSM educator, sharing his expertise with others.

Madame Navia

Madame Navia is a Covered Leatherwoman, a Dallas Mentors Program Mentor, and 12 Year Leader of the DFW Chapter of ClubFEM International. Madame Navia is known internationally as a professional disciplinarian and also has a long list of BDSM, psychological skills and power exchange experiences having lived in a 24/7 dynamic for 12 years.

Rev Angelique

Rev Angelique started her journey of learning what kink/bdsm was from a very young age. It was there that gave her structure and stability. And for that she will forever be grateful. The way she was taught, was to become a great Dom one had to first be the perfect slave. For understanding the side of a slave would teach her compassion and understanding for those that would later serve her. As Rev Angelique grew and her journey continued she came across the leather community. As in all things, she wondered what was this lifestyle. In her search for a mentor everyone was pointed to a wonderful man, named Sir Lacey, that she would grow to love and create a bond that could never be broken. She joined his charitable house to start understanding how a community can come together and give back. Tho the house has disbanded, his patch still resides on her first vest presented to her. For she will always be part of his family and he with hers. Part of his requirements was for her to volunteer for South Plains Leather Fest. Since then she has never missed an splf since 2012. It is her home and a family reunion that she looks forward to every year. When Rev Angelique was presented with her Sir’s Cap she felt honored that he saw her as an equal and a child, not just as a protege. Over the years Rev Angelique has taught classes on single tails to help spread the love that she has for the art of the crack. And when a stand is available, you can also find her loving and doing her best to clean and condition every bit of leather that sits in front of her. In June of 2017, she came out as a trans woman. Finally letting herself be free and letting her true light shine. Since then she has used her journey as a way to help others understand the journey of a trans woman. For she truly believes that being open and honest with who she is and what she has been through can help anyone grow. She was part of the Mr./Ms. Texas Leather and Texas Leather Bootblack title class of 2020. I am also part of the Route 66 Mr., Ms., Bear, Pup, and Bootblack 2022 & 2023 title classes. For as her life and journey continue, she plans to never stop learning. Shining as bright as she can, and always show that the leather community is a family; not just a lifestyle.

Contestant Wrangler


TrixWolf (they/them) is a Gender Queer omnisexual french creole that has been involved in the BDSM lifestyle for sixteen years and in Leather for fourteen years. They lead and teach locally in their kink group, LOTUS and created an annual BDSM/Leather conference called Vision, which is the first of its kind in the area. Trix has taught at events such as Beyond Vanilla, Leather Bar Night, and SELF. They are a volunteer at PACE (pride event), Trans Advocates in Louisiana, and various other pride groups. There is a special place in their heart for educating the vanillas, LGBTQ advocacy, BIPOC inclusivity, and they are especially passionate about kink centric education. Trix is a cancer survivor and lives with a rare lung disease, giving them the ability to express that dynamics can be and are for anyone. Trix is Head of House for LotusWolf Clan and proud to be nurturing a handler/beast relationship with Sir_K-Wolf and a Master/slave dynamic with Sox. They are honored to have built a family space and proudly proclaim that the LotusWolf House is a “Shelter for the Strays and Home for the Heart”

Jude Wrangler

Pup Nikko

Nikko is a gay and crazy pup/boy mishmash who has been devoted to his Daddy Bleu and since 2019. He’s a founding member of the Texas Puppy Club, an Altar Boy for the DFW Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and member of the House of Three Bears and Haus Hamiwert. 

When he’s not being a chaotic brat to his Daddy, he’s a close friend to many and stranger to none in the DFW kink community that he’s been part of for over 7 years.


Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a Leather and Lego loving Little stuck inside a switch that identifies as a Femme Domme. Entering the Kink Community in 2018, Wonder embraced her leather heart and ran for the Ms Route 66 Leather 2023 and won! Wonder’s desire is to continue to provide safe inclusive spaces for all and to educate and share the knowledge, love, acceptance and joy she has found in her local Leather and Kink communities.