Monday, October 18


Hardy Haberman, Head Judge

Long time LGBT activist and member of the leather community since the mid 1970’s, Hardy is still an enthusiastic participant in the leather scene. He is the author of several box on kink related subjects including The Family Jewels: A Guide to Male Genital Play and Torment published by Greenery Press.

He has received numerous awards including the “Leather Leadership Award” from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the “Jack Stice Memorial Award” at South Plains Leatherfest and the Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award at Pantheon of Leather.

Hardy is a columnist for the Dallas Voice, Digital Experience Manager for Cathedral of Hope and is currently the Chairperson on the Board of Directors of the Woodhull Freedom Foundation in Washington D.C. He lives in Dallas where he and his boy celebrate 26 years together as partners in play and life.

Laurel Li

Laurel Li (she/her/hers) is a queer, polyamorous, alpha-slave, leather-woman living in DFW. She has been married to her Daddy/husbear, Ursus, for 3 years.Laurel entered the leather community in 2014 after several years in kink and has never looked back. She has volunteered at numerous leather event weekends, including managing the registration team for ILSb/ICBB weekend, is a Team Friendly DFW advocate, and a friend of the United Court of the Lone Star Empire.

She is the inaugural Ms Dallas Eagle 2020, the current Ms Texas Leather 2020, and has been an administrator for New Leather Dallas since 2018, a group for people curious about exploring the leather and kink lifestyles.Speaking of kinks, Laurel is a greedy cigar slut, giggly little pin-cushion for piercings, and all-around masochist. If you can play with power dynamics, then don’t be afraid to shoot your shot her way.

Her personal philosophy is that the best leaders are those who are willing to serve their people and communities. Whether service looks like volunteer hours, education, empowerment, or production, there is a place for everyone to join in the effort of making our community continuously better.

In Laurel’s downtime, she enjoys drinking tea, reading books on folklore, working in her vegetable garden, fishing, and cuddling her two puppies.

Ava Jayne

Ava Jayne was conceived in late 2009. Though her love of leather started in the barn. She identifies as a pan, monogomish, s stype, with a sprinkle of sadism. Over the past 12 years, she has been involved with numerous organizations including, DsMP, BV, ILSb/ICBB and NLA-D.To her partner she is submissive and girl. To most others she is Unicorn.In play, she definitely prefers to prance around in the weird and obscure. Clowns, balloons and rainbows are where it’s at! AJ is a firm believer that if you’re not having fun, what the fuck are you doing?


Briar is a self-identified gender queer poly switch leather person. Bootblack to all, Captain to many, girl to some and Mommy to one. She is driven by service but will happily steer that bus as she educates, shares, leads and follows within the community. If there are shenanigans happening, she is enthusiastically “helping”.
Briar has been involved in numerous community events, she prefers being of service and working behind the scenes with organizations such as ILSb-ICBB, IMsLBB, IML/IMBB, SPLF, Team Friendly DFW, NLA-D, NLA-I and is one of the DFW Bootlab Co-Founders.

Pup Koda

Pup Koda has been roaming, sniffing, and boot licking his way around Leather Land™ for 12 years. In that time, he has found his way in and out of many adventures, a few misadventures, and various roles along the way. His roles have included being a boy to his Sir of 10 years, a collared puppy for 5 years, Alpha to his collared puppy for five years, and in a switchy partnership for 2 years. He is a member of the Dallas based Discipline Corps where he became the first transgender member in the club. He is also a bootblack that can almost always be found at the stands of many DFW events and a few others around the country, and just as often, in various hotel rooms. Though rarely on the actual volunteer staff, he can often be found working behind the scenes taking care of all the little things, the people on staff, and often moving big things. Though most of his gear is red, he can also be found flagging yellow and black.

TL; DR: Poly, Piggy, Bootblack, Puppy.