Wednesday, February 8


Master Todd, Head Judge

Proudly hailing from Austin, Texas, Master Todd has been active in the BDSM community since 2004 and discovered Leather along the way. Growing up in an environment that made him constantly aware that his proclivities are different, he is a fan of sharp pointy things and medical play. A self-described relationship nihilist who is always open to possibility, his latest incarnation finds him in service to his Master, Miss Velvet Steele. He is honored to have served as the 2013 Southwest Master and currently serves as the Regional Director for the Southwest Region of MAsT International.

Sir Ang

Sir Ang, International Ms Leather 2018, is a rugged Femme, hedonistic, Leather woman. Her pronouns are She/ They and she is a member of House Fibonacci. Her kinks include squirting, fisting, energy exchange, sensation play, leather and latex. She is the creator of the Squirter flagging hanky and her Fisting/Squirting classes are enthusiastically well attended.

Throughout her years in the Leather and kink community she has consistently encouraged people to engage, explore and ask questions. People find themselves drawn to her friendly, warm, and bubbly personality. She thrives on creating safer spaces to allow for personal growth as well as expanding this love of connection to various organisations and causes dear to her heart. She has been nominated for the Pantheon of Leather International Award twice and the Australian LGBTI Hero award.

Sir Ang’s passion for equality, diversity and inclusivity drives the way she walks through life. You will frequently find her elbow deep in conversations with people, learning their stories, absorbing and passing on knowledge when she can. She is an insatiable flirt and one of her favorite places to be is in a Bootblack chair.

Daddy Stefan

Daddy Stefan (He/Him) of House Fibonacci, is a community mentor, educator, supporter, and rock of safety for many. 

He has been in the kink and Leather community for the past 11 years.

A few of his interests include topping in cigars, flogging, fisting, whips, rough body, and boot play. Flags red, yellow, black and hunter green all on the left.

Officially a Daddy to four great individuals who help balance his life and keep him on his toes! 

A Beyond Vanilla Committee member since 2017, a member of NLA, mentored for the Dallas Mentors Program, volunteered at several National and International contests doing things like Registration, Judging, Tally Master, Contest Coordinator and so much more. 

He has taught and mentored in primal play, flogging, rough body, staples and blow darts across the US and Australia.

His passion for supporting the LGBTQIA+ and Leather communities has him frequently out and about at local, national, and international events.

Sir Athens

Mark is a queer poly Leatherman who heads a Master\slave household that focuses on personal growth, exploration, and service. Being born and raised in Kansas city, Mark is passionate about barbeque, the local football team Chiefs, and midwestern hospitality. He has been a part of the Leather community since 2015 and is well sought after both locally and nationally as a kink educator. He flags black on the left and is well known for his tagline ‘Why the fuck not!’. He is an erotic instigator, delighting in encouraging pople to explore their deboucherous sexual desires and can often be found in his home dungeon ‘The Black Dog’, telling Dad jokes, and cruising with his devilishly sadistic smile.

Mark has served his local community and the community at large by serving on boards such as the Kansas City Pride Parade, Consent Kansas City Facilitator, and acting as a leather liaison with the Kansas City Ballroom Community. He is also a founding member of the Kansas City Bloodline Leather Family where he served for seven years on their Leadership council. Being a member of local groups such as Alternative Humans Sexuality (AHS), Consent Kansas City, Kansas City Ballroom. More recently serving as your Mr. Route 66 Leather 2022.

Mark regularly presents workshops on a wide range of topics that center around edgeplay and practical application. He is most often sought out to teach workshops on Fire play, unique deprivation, and edge play. Often mixing his classes with hands-on experience, stories, and dad jokes, he leaves his students with a very unique experience that is both engaging and fun.

Mark’s (continuing) passion is to engage with and support a wide variety of communities, sharing knowledge, time and space, increases strength through increased diversity.

Master TC

TC began his journey in 1987 and has never looked back. He was honored to receive his Masters Cover in December 2015. He is the head of House Cyclone that he started in 2011. House Cyclone is a brother house to Leather Heart Clan.

Currently, TC is a board member of MAsT-DFW, a Member at Large for NLA-Dallas, a Mentor for the Dallas Mentors program, co-owner DFW Kinky Shooters, co-owner North Texas Motorcycle Club, co-owner Underground Cigar Social, and Committee member for Beyond Vanilla. In 2013, he won Mr. Great Plains Olympus Leather. He enjoys teaching and has had the opportunity at WILL, Beyond Vanilla, other area events and for NLA-Dallas. He has served as treasurer, tallymaster and Judge for various contests. In 2016 TC and his slave audra became new owners of the Great Plains Olympus Contest. He enjoys visiting groups to talk and teach as well as share his passion of our community by connecting with new people.