Monday, October 18


Daddy QBall & Jewels

DaddyQball became aware of the BDSM lifestyle in the 80’s while attending a Nudist Resort. In the Iate 80’s he learned about the Leather Lifestyle while stationed in Germany. DaddyQball has lived this lifestyle on and off for many years. His military career played a big factor in this “on and off” again lifestyle. About 15 years ago he decided “enough is enough” and wanted to live the Leather Lifestyle 24/7. He has learned a great deal by being diligent in his research and studies. In 2012, 2013, and 2015 he was involved in the Austin Mentor’s Program, not only as a student who graduated, but also as a presenter. His babygirl, jewels, has been a co-presenter and demo bunny since 2010. DaddyQball was covered in May of 2013 at a private party in Dallas, Texas. DaddyQball has found great fulfillment in this lifestyle and came to the conclusion that it was time to pass on his knowledge and skills to BDSM communities. He has taught several different classes and demos in the Houston, Beaumont, Temple, and Austin communities including one on Head Space and on Whips. He has presented this “Head Space” presentation for many years now in different states around the country. He is also the owner of Dungeon Equipment of Houston which makes custom dungeon equipment including crosses, spanking benches, stocks, and more. 

Jewels is a bisexual, polyamorous babygirl. She joined the Houston kink community in 2010. She met her daddy, DaddyQball, before a HPEP submissive meeting that same year. In 2011, she co-founded the group Beaumont, Texas Area Kinksters with her daddy. After four years of learning about the leather lifestyle and serving in the Temple, Austin, Beaumont and Houston areas, her Daddy presented her boots at the Dallas Eagle in 2014. In 2015, Jewels attended and graduated from the Austin submissive Mentors Program (AsMP). She has also served with the Austin girls of Leather and the Houston girls of Leather. A few years ago she was on a panel at TOL about the different relationships in the BSDM lifestyle and represented the Daddy/babygirl relationship. Throughout her journey in the Leather lifestyle, she has made many friends who have encouraged her to be herself not only as a submissive and a babygirl, but also as a pup.

Wolf Daddy, Pup Sol and Pup Yami

I am known as Wolf Daddy and I am the head of the family for our triad and for our house, The House of Úlfur. I am also an Associate Member of the House of Cyclone. I am a Sir/Daddy/Handler to both of my Boy/Pups. My husbands are my Boys and my Pups. Additionally, I have one Cub collared to me as well, outside of our triad. I am into Pipe/Cigar Play, Ash Play, Spanking, Flogging, Leather Play, Pup Play, and multiple types of bondage play. I have been active within the community for the past 5 years and work with others when they have questions about our dynamic and our triad. I am a member of NLA, The T-Bears, and the United Court of the Lone Star Empire. I work within these organizations to help support our community and to help raise money for our different charities. I am currently the Crown Prince Royale for Reign 46 of the UCLSE.

Pup Sol: Relationships: In a Pack with Rusty (Handler Cana/Sir Wolf Daddy) and Yami (Pup Yami) Member of the house of Ùlfur. Associate member to the house of Cyclone. Polyamorous family with Rusty and Yami. Rusty is the Handler. Yami and I are both Alphas. Our dynamic has one collared cub. About me: Pup community name: Pup Sol Friendly cigar and pipe leather wolf pup that lives in Garland Tx. Works to balance a life of home, studies, and social life. Aspiring Boot black. Groups: UCLSE, T-BEARS, NLA. Miss Leo 2019 and 2020 as Miss Am I Not. Fetishes: Armpits, bondage, cigars, exhibitionism, fisting top, leather, nipple play, pipes, pup play, rimming, spanking, water sports play, and voyeurism. Reason: Showing the community who we are as a couple. Expressing ourselves as a poly unit. Getting to know those in the community and having a great time.

Pup Yami: Just a Pup searching for his inner pup and his leather Kinks, I’m an Alpha Pup/Leather Boy Hybrid and smoker boy in Sir Wolf Daddy’s Poly Family, I’m always calm, gentle, and like to help those that need it. My handler/Sir is Sir Wolf Daddy and Little Brother to Pup Sol. Married to both of them, but we play both together and separately, depending on the permission of Handlers Sir Wolf Daddy and Pup Sol. I like to explore the leather and pup communities to learn and evolve. Pup enjoys Pipe and Cigars smoking in calm times, play games, and Long to short sessions with Sir Wolf Daddy and Pup Sol. Also, I like to flog or be flogged, and fisting but I like to be the Fister more than the Fistee. Warning: Hornballs ( let’s just face it the Family are a bunch of HornBalls) Current Miss Leo: 2021 Stag Drag benefiting AIN Part of the T-Bears, UCLSE, and NLA

Doctor Bubbles and KitKat Ann

Doctor Bubbles has been active in the Central Texas community since 2015, exploring this thing we do and trying to find his place in it. He first came to the scene out of the Army, seeking the stability and structure as a submissive male. As he progressed in his journey, support from his friends, mentors, and professional therapists helped resolve some of the issues that led him to the scene, and he started exploring things from a top’s perspective. In 2019, he graduated from the Austin Mentors Program, a year-long course that develops skills and techniques found in BDSM, and a deeper understanding of self and community. He met KitKat Ann at Beyond Vanilla 2018, and recognized in her a masochist that fit his style of sadism. The two of them continued a relationship of Sadist and Masochist after the convention, and later discovered that they both gravitated towards the same style of chosen dynamic. Through building boundaries, trust, and mutual respect over time, Doctor Bubbles realized that Kitkat Ann was the person he wanted to have at his side in all things. In February of 2020, Doctor Bubbles offered Kitkat Ann his leadership. The two have been together in all things ever since.

KitKat Ann defines herself as a Kajira with a large primal streak and a masochistic little side. She became aware of kink at the tender age of 16 through the wondrous literary world of Anita Blake by Laurel K. Hamilton. This led to disappointment at the lack of non-fiction reference materials by which to learn more about this new world she had found. Through her travels, she has picked up a multitude of experiences and knowledge to better serve herself, those around her and her community. Her life’s journey has taken her through the dark, twisty paths of domestic violence, including mental, physical, and emotional trauma, as well as the lovely hills of multiamory & poly-fidelity, the hard deserts of self-discovery and self-reliance, and the peaceful meadows of good mental health. These experiences, combined with a unique mix of characteristics such as empathy, compassion, strength of will, intelligence and a more-than-a-bit of mischief, have created a person who can speak from experience about navigating the difficulties of playing in the deep end of kink and not drowning. Fear play, heavy impact play, primal play, as well as submission through service, are her areas of expertise. KitKat Ann met Doctor Bubbles at Beyond Vanilla 2018, and happily found a sadist who embraced the same fun-driven style of play that she did. The two of them continued to play many times following the convention, and later revealed that they both identified as a Master and a slave without their opposite number. Through building boundaries, trust, and mutual respect over time, Kitkat Ann realized that she found the person who she was the most happy and secure with. In February of 2020, Kitkat Ann offered Doctor Bubbles her service. The two have been together in all things ever since.